The company "ISysMed" produces and sells apparatuses for stimulating living tissues with modulated biocurrents "Elit 4.01". Also, in collaboration with certified doctors, the company provides physiotherapy services to the public using the above equipment.

The device "Elit 4.01" was developed on the instructions of the chief physiotherapist of Kiyv, Buchinsky Sergiy Nikodimovich.

The need to develop this device was due to the lack of effectiveness of existing devices of similar purpose. Existing Amplipulse, Diadynamic, BTL, Enraf-Nonius, and other imported devices had an effective use of 40-55% of the patients served.

At the same time, Sergiy Nikodimovich was convinced that these techniques should also help other people.

A company was organized which, during several years of research, managed to discover the reasons for the insufficient effectiveness of the use of existing devices. After that, with the partial participation of the Kiev City Health Department, the “Elit 4.01” device was created within 5 years, the effectiveness of which rose to 70-80%.

In 2015, the device was upgraded, and its effectiveness reached 90%.

The result of the positive effects of the device comes immediately after the end of the session, unlike other devices, in which the positive effect begins to manifest only after 4-7 sessions.

The therapeutic effect of the “Elit 4.01” device has been repeatedly confirmed in practice.

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